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What Women Should Know About Auto Repairs – Rock Hill, SC

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18 April 2014 Bookmark and Share

As a woman, don’t be skeptical about your car mechanic. Instead, be informed. Be prepared at when you go in for auto service. Most shops are honest and are there to help you save money. But, here are a few things to think about just in case.

Things To Know About Your Mechanic

  1. Second opinions are great, but don’t share the first one. Tell the second mechanic that you're there for a second opinion, but don't share the diagnosis or the cost estimate.
  2. You should have a written estimate that states you'll be contacted before any work not on the original estimate is performed. The estimate should be specific and include charges for parts and labor.
  3. When buying tires, ask for details on quality, warranty and guarantees. Ask the salesperson to explain any warrantees to you. For instance, you might see a sign next to a tire display that says "60,000 Mile Warranty." This does not mean you are completely covered for 60,000 miles. The warranty actually only covers the tire against manufacturer defect only.
  4. Your mechanic should be ASE certified. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence, and they take their certification seriously. For transmission repair, choose only an ATRA certified mechanic.
  5. If your check engine light has been on, your mechanic shouldn’t "reset it and see what happens." You need a mechanic that has the ability and knowledge to read these codes.
  6. Take a look at the service areas. The shop should have a neat, clean and organized work area. Tools and equipment should be clean as well.
  7. Get recommendations. There is no substitute for a recommendation from a good friend or family member.

Always stay on top of the situation and communicate with your mechanic. The more you know about your car and how it works, the more empowered you'll be at the repair shop.

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