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Warning Signs that Call for a Car Tune-Up

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14 February 2018 Bookmark and Share

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Owning a vehicle is not limited to merely knowing how to drive it, it’s important to learn how to detect if there’s something wrong with it. Early detection of engine failure can prevent further damage and, more importantly, spare you from impending danger. Here are things you need to be aware of when driving your car:

    Dashboard Lights are On - Your dashboard lights serve as car sensors. When you see unusual flickering in the dashboard, it indicates a problem with your engine. Make sure to bring your car right away to a certified automotive mechanic for an engine check-up.

    Unusual Sound - Overtime, you get used to the normal sound of your engine. So it is easy for you to detect an odd sound or grinding under your car’s hood. It’s hard to know what is amiss that is creating the unusual noise so send your car to an automotive maintenance expert for thorough inspection and tune-up.

    Stalling Engine - Serious issues are causing the engine to stall out. It might be a dead battery, clutch connectivity glitches, ignition problems etc. So if you experience stalling, you should pull over right away and seek the help of an automotive specialists in Rock Hill, SC.

    Bad Gas Mileage - A sudden drop in fuel efficiency can be attributed to numerous causes. Whatever might be causing it, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage will get even more severe and it will cost you a lot of money in gas and repairs.

    Slow Acceleration - A decrease in acceleration is usually a result of a neglected issue that develops overtime. Have it checked as soon as possible before the problem becomes irreversible.

    Engine Misfire - When you feel your engine abruptly sink then recover, it's a sign of engine misfire. There are many reasons behind the incomplete combustion process of a engine such as worn out spark plugs and ignition problems. And all of these issues require urgent attention.

Knowing these signs are helpful but it is important to seek regular maintenance and not wait for your car to nudge you. Bring your car to a trusted automotive maintenance expert for regular tune-ups to prevent severity of any car problem. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair for thorough car inspection and tune ups.

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