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Warning Signs of Faulty Shocks and Struts

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18 April 2018 Bookmark and Share

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Shocks and struts prevent a vehicle from bouncing too much and provides a smoother ride. Overtime, they become worn out like any other car parts. It is important to understand the early warning signs of faulty struts and shocks to prevent danger and costly auto repairs. Have your car checked by a certified mechanic as soon as you notice the following signs:

Severe Bouncing - If you’re driving in a rough road or come across a bump, and your car bounces more, harder or higher, this is indicative of faulty shock absorbers. Strut or shock replacement might be necessary.

Car Dips or Squats - Shocks and struts help keep your vehicle steady and stable at all times. However, when they are failing, the front end of your car tends to dive. Sometimes, car’s rear end squats when you try to rev up and in some cases it makes a drastic dip to one side when you try to make a turn. Send your car to an automotive technician for proper evaluation.

Scalloping Tire - The rubber of your tires can get scraped off from excessive bouncing due to worn out struts and shocks.

Leaking fluid - Strut and shocks are filled with hydraulic fluid. When you drive into a strech of bumpy road, the shocks and struts compress causing the piston inside to push against the hydraulic fluid. A small leak is normal but if you notice your struts and shocks are completely drenched with oil, bring it to a certified auto mechanic in Rock Hill, SC.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Reliable Transmission Repair and have your car scheduled for servicing as soon as possible.

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