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Warning Signs of Defective Brakes

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1 February 2018 Bookmark and Share

Reliable Transmission - Brake Repair in Rock Hill, SC

Faulty brakes are one of the leading causes of vehicular accidents. So imagine how daunting it can be when your brakes fail. No matter how hard you step on the pedal, your car just won’t stop fast enough. Next time you drive, think about your brakes and determine if you have any warning signs that they need service. Below are some of the signs to look for:

Warning Lights. When the car sensors turn on this indicates an issue with the brakes. Bring your vehicle to the best place for brake service right away to have the system checked out.

Irregular Noise or Vibration. You hit the brakes and the steering wheel shakes or you hear a grating sound, this hints that something may be torn, broken, or very worn and likely needs repair or replacement.

Unusual Pull. When you step on the brake pedal and the vehicle draws in one direction, this means only one side of the brakes are working properly. This requires urgent attention.

Slow Response. The vehicle won’t stop instantly when the driver press the brakes. This means the pads, calipers or rotors are worn.

Thin Break Pads. The brake pads should be replaced immediately when they are less than 1/4 inch.

It’s important to be aware of these red flags so your automotive braking system can be inspected properly by a certified brake repair service in Rock hill, SC. This prevents further damage to your brakes and avoids greater expenditures on repairs. For more about brake repairs, contact Reliable Transmission Repair.

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