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Uneven Wear on Tires, What are the Causes – Rock Hill, SC

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7 March 2014 Bookmark and Share

Tires for cars and trucks are expensive, and no one likes to replace them too early. Uneven tire wear can compromise the safety of your car and can result in just that, replacing your tires too early. Several things can cause uneven wear on your tires, including lack of regular vehicle maintenance, tire alignment issues and worn components that affect the tires.

  • Inflation -When tread is deeper on the edges than in the middle, the tire is overinflated. In contrast, when the tread is deeper in the middle than the edges, the tire is underinflated.
  • Rotation - If a tire has raised bumps on it, commonly called scallops, the tires are probably not being rotated often enough.
  • Worn Shocks - Worn shocks or struts also can cause uneven tire wear.
  • Alignment - Driving a vehicle that is out of alignment can cause uneven tire wear. A symptom of bad alignment is your car drifting away from center on a straight and level road.
  • Worn Components - Alignment components can become worn and cause problems. For example, on sharp turns the tire angles may not compensate properly, and the tires may squeal.
  • Wheel Balancing - Improper wheel balancing also can cause uneven tire wear because of excess vibration. This can show up as a scalloped wear area on the tires.

At the first sign of uneven wear on tires get the problem resolved quickly so the tires do not become significantly damaged.

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