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Types of Transmissions and Their Benefits – Rock Hill, SC

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4 April 2014 Bookmark and Share

Reliable Transmission Repair has the transmission mechanics of choice in the Rock Hill, SC area. Because we are trusted transmission repair specialists, we are experts in transmissions. This means that not only do our customers come to use for repairs they come to us with questions too.

We often get questions about the different types of auto transmissions on the market. Not that long ago choosing between transmissions was easy: manual or automatic. If you were looking for value, fuel economy, performance or driving pleasure you chose a manual transmission, everyone else chose automatics.

Now there are several different types: Manual, Automated Manual, Automatic, Tiptronics, and Duel Clutch. What are they? Are they any different the transmissions from years past? What are their benefits?


For most of their lif, manual transmissions have given drivers’ more control, more gears, faster acceleration, higher top speeds, lower fuel consumption and, when driven well, smoother gear shifts. But with the computer-led evolution of automotive transmissions, some cars are reporting better performance and fuel economy figures with automated transmissions.

Automated Manual

Numerous car makers have dabbled with clutch-pedal-free manual transmissions over the years but it’s an idea that has still yet to be executed well in road cars.

Jerky gear changes are the main problem with automated manual transmissions. In semi-automatic mode, this can be partially alleviated by lifting off the throttle when changing gears.

Many systems also offer a fully automatic mode, but these are plagued with either brutally aggressive or overly slurred gear shifts.


Although automatics are still heavier and more expensive to purchase or repair, nowadays they give up little ground to manual transmissions in terms of performance, efficiency and gear count — five- and six-speed transmissions are the norm, and seven-, eight- and nine-speed models are becoming increasingly common.


Tiptronic transmissions supposedly combined the best of both automatic and manual transmissions. Really, tiptronics weren’t really a different type of transmission, but rather an automatic gearbox that allowed for easy gear selection. Tiptronic features are now available in most automatic vehicles.

Dual Clutch

There are two types of dual-clutch transmission on the market: dry and wet clutch. Wet clutch models are so called because the clutch is bathed in a sea of oil and this type is often found in high-power cars. Dry clutch versions are more efficient, but restricted in the amount of power and torque they can handle.

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