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Transmission Specialists Pay Attention to More than Just Transmission Fluid - Rock Hill, SC

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5 December 2014 Bookmark and Share

We may not have snowy winters in South Carolina but there are still days when plummeting temperatures can have a dramatic effect on your engine. Cold weather can cause transmission problems that can be expensive to repair if repairs and maintenance are put off..

Cold weather can take its toll on transmission fluid causing it to reduce or lose its lubrication qualities as it thickens. Transmission fluid is vital to your vehicle's ability to shift gears. Transmission fluid needs to be examined and replaced if it turns a dark color and has a burning smell. If it is not replaced, the internal components of your transmission and engine are at risk because any engine fluid that has thickened can turn into a major problem.

Your transmission fluid must be checked and changed regularly because it deteriorates overtime. Dirty transmission fluid, or transmission fluid that is not at the right level will cause the whole system to stop working properly. However, transmission specialists in Rock Hill, SC can also diagnose other transmission issues more accurately and repair them immediately. Your transmission system works and demands the best maintenance and repair services to keep it going.

It is important that you bring your vehicle to a repair shop when you begin to smell, hear, or see anything unusual in your car’s engine. Contact Reliable Transmission Service & Auto Repair Service Rock Hill, SC for more information.

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