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20 October 2014 Bookmark and Share

If you are able to detect unusual sounds and sensations in your vehicle, it may be experiencing transmission problems that need immediate attention right. It is worth paying attention to anything that seems unusual in the way your car is running, because these changes in sounds and sensations can be indicators that there may be something wrong with your vehicle, particularly in the transmission.

It is imperative that your vehicle is inspected by a transmission specialist before a faulty components takes their toll. If your transmission is slow to respond, has a hard time getting into gear, is noisy in neutral, experiences grinding or shaking, or has a burning smell, dragging clutch, or leaking fluid then it is likely that there is some part of your transmission that has an issue. For the correct diagnosis, bring your car to a transmission repair shop for a check-up. This is the most ideal solution to save your vehicle from further damage.

Transmission problems never disappear on their own. They happen because of a lack of regular car maintenance or wear and tear from continued use. If you experience any problem with your transmission, do not wait until it worsens to the extent that your car stops running. Contact Reliable Transmission Service & Auto Repair Service as soon as you hear sounds or notice sensations.

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