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Transmission Repair Service Solves Dragging Clutch Problem - Rock Hill, SC

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13 August 2014 Bookmark and Share

A problem known as the dragging clutch oftentimes occurs in a manual transmission. This is when the clutch disk fails to disengage from the flywheel when the clutch pedal is pressed. Usually, it is due to too much slack in the pedal. The dragging clutch problem makes changing gears difficult because the clutch is still spinning with the engine, creating a seemingly grinding noise.

The grinding noise you hear whenever you try to change gears indicates that your clutch is in trouble and that you need transmission clutch repair service in Rock Hill, SC to solve the problem. Otherwise, it is inconvenient to drive, especially in a stop-and-go traffic.

When a clutch is working smoothly, the transmission becomes like an extension to the driver's right arm, putting you in control of the gear you are in. When you experience clutch problems, make sure you choose the right clutch repair service. Depending on the cause of the problem, you may be facing either a minor transmission clutch repair service or total replacement.

Contact the experts at Reliable Transmission Service & Auto Repair to accurately diagnose and correct any clutch problem.

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