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Transmission Rebuilds - Changing Worn or Damaged Parts and Reassembled to Factory Specifications - Rock Hill, SC

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20 July 2015 Bookmark and Share

There are several options when it comes to automatic transmission repair, each having advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will be based on factors like how much to pay and how long it takes you to get your car back.

One of your options is transmission rebuilds in Rock Hill, SC. Your transmission will be disassembled and inspected. Those parts that are found to be worn or damaged will be replaced with genuine parts and the transmission will be reassembled to factory specifications, along with new gaskets, seals, clutches and bands.

In the transmission repair shop setting, a certified mechanic will be the one to remove the transmission from your car, rebuild it, and then reinstall it so your car can run smoothly again. Because this is a custom process, this should only be done by a certified transmission specialist who knows each component of your complex transmission system and knows how to conduct inspections and repairs correctly and accurately.

To find out more about transmission rebuilds and why they can be an advantageous choice for you, consult the certified transmission mechanics of Reliable Transmission Service & Auto Repair Service in Rock Hill, SC.

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