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Tire Blowouts and How to Avoid Them - Rock Hill, SC

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23 May 2014 Bookmark and Share

Your car should get the maintenance and regular auto repair it was designed to receive. A car needs to follow a regular maintenance schedule to prolong its life. Reading the owner's manual not only gives you details on vehicle's needs but also keeps owners from the following common vehicle pitfalls relative to tire maintenance and repair.

Of all the parts of your vehicle, tires get a lot of the wear and tear since they experience the friction as you hit the road. When it comes to tire care, checking and maintaining proper inflation should never be missed.

For long trips, be sure to bring a spare tire and be sure that you have it checked before leaving for a trip. As owner, it pays to know the maximum vehicle load, cold tire pressure, and tire size recommended for your vehicle to prevent tire failures due to underinflated tires or overloaded vehicles.

Check your tire pressure regularly. It is difficult to tell just by looking at your tires if they have the specific inflation pressure required for the vehicle to run properly and carry its load effectively.

Tire pressures should be checked at least once a month as should their overall condition. For accurate pressure readings, only check the pressure when the tires are cold either at least three hours after use or before your vehicle is driven. It is also recommended that they be inflated in the morning, especially in the summer.

Invest in a good pressure gauge, those found in gas stations may not be reliable. So keep one handy in your glove compartment to get the accurate inflation pressure of your tires.

When buying new tires to replace the old ones, have your mechanic check to see if the valves should be replaced. Also have the valve stems checked for crack or damage.

Even with all the high tech features in modern automobiles, you still need good tires for your vehicle. So keep them properly inflated.

For more details on vehicular maintenance and auto repair in Rock Hill SC, contact Reliable Transmission Service.

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