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Timing Belt Replacement, When Should it Be Done?

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11 April 2018 Bookmark and Share

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The purpose of the timing belt is to rotate the engine’s cam and crankshaft together to ensure that each cylinder fires at the right time. However, over time the timing belt will get worn out from exposure to different forces within the motor. Your engine won’t start if you have a defective timing belt. Replacing the timing belt should be done properly for a safer and smoother drive.

Worn out timing belts should be addressed right away. Otherwise, this may cause issues with your engines which can result in even more problems and larger expense for repairs. Take note of any ticking noises in your engine, issues with ignition, engine misfires, or leaking oil. Have a certified mechanic inspect your car thoroughly in order to find out if repair is enough or if replacement is necessary.

It is often hard to identify issues with your timing belt since it has the same manifestations as some other car problems. Sending your car regularly for a routine service can prevent damage of your timing belt. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair for next timing belt replacement schedule.

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