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Timing Belt Repair, What are the Symptoms? Rock Hill, SC

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3 January 2014 Bookmark and Share

One of the most common reasons why cars break down is a failing timing belt.  Getting the timing belt changed on your car or truck is one of the most important maintenance jobs in your vehicles life.  Replacing the timing belt correctly will give your car many years of trouble-free life.

The timing belt keeps the top half of the engine, or cylinder head, in step with the bottom half of the engine.  The timing belt controls the opening and closing of the engines valves. When your timing belt fails, both halves of the engine can collide, which often results in major engine problems. Worn timing belts don’t do the job right, so they can often lead to performance problems even before they break.

Some symptoms of timing belt issues:

  • Your car puts out more exhaust than usual
  • The car’s engine vibrates causing the entire car to shake
  • The car is difficult to start, or
  • Strange noises coming from the car’s engine

It is better to have your timing belt repaired before it fails. Contact Reliable Transmission Service if you suspect you need timing belt repairs.

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