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Things to Keep in Mind When Driving an Automatic Car

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28 February 2018 Bookmark and Share

Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

Automatic transmission vehicles are easy and safe to drive which make them easier to operate for those learning or new to driving. No wonder more and more first time car buyers prefer to own an automatic car over vehicles with manual transmission system. However, there are things you should refrain from doing under any circumstance while you are at the wheel.

Firing Up the Engine Prior to Reversing the Gear - This can lead to increase friction between internal parts of the engine causing significant damage to the entire engine.

Changing Gears While the Car is Moving - When transmission components are compelled to swiftly change direction, this can rapidly break your gearbox. Still the proper way of stopping the vehicle is using the brakes.

Going Down a Slope in Neutral Mode - A common error of drivers which reduces the oil transfer to the transmission. This results to inadequate lubrication of the gears which can cause imminent transmission problems.

Neutral Mode at Red Light - Pressing the brakes to stay in drive mode has lesser impact than changing in and out of neutral state which is more damaging.

Low Fuel Tank - Fuel keeps your engine cool and lubricated, low fuel can cause too much friction in the internal parts and can lead to overheating. Moreover, automatic cars greatly relies on fuel pressure for it to operate optimally.

Turning to Parking Mode Prior to a Complete Stop - The locking pin can embed inside a gear that is connected to the output shaft where the wheels are also attached. If you lock it while your car is moving simultaneously, the locking pin might break. When this happens, bring your car immediately to a certified transmission service mechanic.

Safe driving and the lifespan of a car still greatly depends to its driver. Also, sending your car to regular servicing and maintenance can extend the life of your car transmission system. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair in Rock Hill, SC for a thorough transmission system maintenance.

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