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Thanksgiving Driving Safety – Rock Hill, SC

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27 November 2013 Bookmark and Share

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel holidays of the year. If you driving during this holiday weekend to visit with friends or relatives for dinner, there are many reasons to drive safely, and conscientiously; gas mileage and safety are two of them.

Did you know that the way you drive affects your gas mileage? So if you are concerned about your gas mileage, drive safely and considerately.

Speeding and aggressive driving (speeding up and slowing down) uses loads of gas. It also puts lots of wear and tear on your car's engine. Drive carefully and conscientiously for your own safety and for the safety of the others on the road. Remember, it is the holidays and you and those around you don’t need the aggravation of a fender bender or worse during this holiday season.

Right now, gas prices are higher than we’d like. AAA says that despite gas prices, most people drive to get back home for the holidays. For most, this is because your car is still more affordable, convenient and flexible than any other way to get around. So take care of it, avoid unnecessary car repairs and drive carefully.

American families spend 8% of their income just on gassing up the car. Drive carefully and Happy Thanksgiving from Reliable Transmission Service.

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