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14 July 2014 Bookmark and Share

Since your transmission system works hard, it deserves the best maintenance to keep going. It may not require as much regular services as your engine but your transmission should not be neglected and deprived of service.

The transmission fluid must be changed regularly for a transmission to work properly. However, it does last longer than your engine oil, but the transmission fluid deteriorates overtime. Therefore, keeping it clean and at the right level is very important. A too-low or too-high transmission fluid level can also cause transmission problems just as easily as the wrong type of fluid can.

This may sound like do-it-yourself car maintenance, but there is more to it than just checking the transmission fluid condition and level with a dipstick. Relying solely on your owner's manual for the correct procedure might not be enough either. Some of the vehicles do not have a transmission fluid dipstick and the only means to check it is through the help of a transmission service mechanic.

Transmission problems in Rock Hill SC may occur because of dirty transmission fluid or due to a lack of maintenance or as a result of an already poorly rebuilt transmission. Any negligence can cause deterioration in your transmission operation and durability. So it is best to have your transmission checked and serviced before more expensive transmission problems occur.

To prevent leaks, noises, and other transmission problems, contact Reliable Transmission Service specialist.

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