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Struts and Shocks, Do They Need to Be Replaced? – Rock Hill, SC

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7 February 2014 Bookmark and Share

You know that struts and shocks give you a smoother ride, but do you need to replace them? The struts and the shocks have two essential functions. They absorb road shock and stop unnecessary motion in the suspension system, giving you a smooth ride. They also keep your tires firmly on the road when you accelerate, stop, turn, or go over a bump.

Yes, if they are worn, your struts and shocks need to be replaced. You should not continue to use your car with worn out shocks and struts. On a rough surface, driving with worn shocks increases your cars stopping distance.

Usually the owner manual recommends shock and strut inspection and/or replacement every 50,000 miles. But your driving habits have much to do with how fast your shocks and struts wear.

Look for the following warning signs that your shocks and struts might need replacement.

  • Does the car bounce too much or too dramatically When driving over bumps?
  • When you turn, does the car sway?
  • When you brake, does the front of your car dip down?
  • Does the suspension often bottom out, especially when backing up?
  • When you have extra passengers or cargo, does the car bottom out?

If you experience any of the above warning signs, contact Reliable Transmission Service for a strut and shock inspection.

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