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Regular Car Maintenance Prolongs the Life of Your Car – Rock Hill, SC

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24 January 2014 Bookmark and Share

To prolong the life of your car it needs regular service and maintenance. Some auto service should be performed more frequently than others, some is reliant on mileage and some is reliant on wear and tear. Other auto service is recommended as part of a strict maintenance schedule in order for your car to remain safe and in efficient operating condition.

One mileage based service that your car must have is frequent tune ups. Every 30,000 miles is recommended, or at least once every two years. It is important to check on and replace the parts on your car that wear out over time. Regular car tune-ups helps to prolong the life of your car.

Your car brakes also need to be regularly serviced or, at the very least, inspected. Worn out brake pads can cause unnecessary risks and accidents. Frequent brake inspections are necessary for safety. Brake inspections ensure that your car’s brake pads and rotors are safe and they can also give you an idea of when you will need brake service.

The radiator is responsible for keeping your car’s engine running cool. Over time, deposits can form in the radiator system, causing blockages that impede the circulation of the cooling fluid, this makes the engine run hotter and less efficiently. It is important to do a radiator flush frequently.

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