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Regular Car Maintenance For Better Gas Mileage and A Longer Car Life – Rock Hill, SC

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3 October 2013 Bookmark and Share

To keep your car running longer and more efficiently you need to perform regular car service and maintenance.  Some auto service needs to be done according to your cars’ mileage and is recommended as part of a maintenance schedule designed to keep your car safe and in efficient operating condition, other service depend on your car's health and your driving style.

One mileage based service your car needs is frequent tune-ups. Every 30,000 miles is recommended, or at least once every two years. There are unseen parts on your car that wear out over time and need to be checked and maintained.  Regularly tuning up your car helps to prolong the life of your car.

The radiator is responsible for keeping your car’s engine running cool. Over time, deposits can form in the radiator system, causing blockages that disrupt the circulation of the cooling fluid, making the engine run hotter and less efficiently. It is important to do a radiator flush at frequent intervals.

Full service oil and lube services and fuel injection service also involve getting rid of deposits, and once performed, your car will run better and more efficiently. The oil in your car is a lubricant, and a full service oil and lube will get rid of old, used oil that has accumulated deposits allowing your car parts to move more easily. Fuel injections clean the car's fuel injectors, and sometimes even the car's fuel tank, from carbon deposits that have built up.

There are a lot of systems on your car that need frequent maintenance. Not only will regular car service prolong the life of your car, but it will also improve your gas mileage.  To keep up you need a reliable car care service partner, contact Reliable Transmission Service.

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