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Regular Auto Oil Changes for Smooth Engine Performance

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7 February 2018 Bookmark and Share

Reliable Transmission Repair - Auto Oil Change Service in Rock Hill, SC

Regular auto oil change in Rock Hill, SC is highly recommended to ensure smooth engine performance. Over time, exposure to dirt and particles can turn auto oil into grease. When moving engine components are constantly saturated with dirty oil, this produces excessive friction that can lead to overheating in the engine.

An auto oil change that is done according to the manufacturer’s recommendation will keep your vehicle in top shape. Every vehicle has different specifications as to how often oil should be replaced and the type of oil to use. But the usual rule-of-thumb for most cars is every 5000 miles as a minimum or every 3 months. The right oil viscosity that is required for your engine should be taken into consideration as well. An oil with increasing viscosity under high temperatures could warrant less oil consumption and minimizes engine wear.

Dirt buildup on the internal components tends to increase fuel consumption. Stick to your routine auto maintenance to spare your vehicle from unnecessary damage and more expenses for repairs. If you are looking for certified mechanics that can perform proper oil changes for your vehicle, contact Reliable Transmission Repair.

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