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Regular Auto Maintenance can Prevent Common Summer Auto Issues

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30 May 2018 Bookmark and Share

Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

Summer often means road trips. There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck on the side of the road, rather than driving down it to your summer destination. If you are planning a road trip soon, make sure you bring you vehicle in for a car tune up and repair common summer auto issues before hitting the road to ensure that your vehicle is operating with the most efficient gas mileage.

Common, but not well-known issues for vehicles that can affect gas mileage include faulty oxygen sensors. Inaccurate readings can diminish gas mileage by up to 40%. Gas caps must also be inspected to make sure they are properly fitted. Loose fitting gas caps can decrease your engine's efficiency by a couple of miles per gallon. Damaged Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors need to be replaced often, and a malfunction can lead to inadequate power and over-acceleration of the engine which can lower fuel economy by 10-25%. Summer maintenance should also include ensuring that the air filter is clean, this will help maintain your MAF sensor's condition. Lastly, malfunctioning spark plugs must be changed because this can cause permanent damage to the vehicle's catalytic converter. All of the above, when faulty, can add quite a bit of expense to your trip in fuel costs.

Regular auto maintenance can prevent these issues and keep further, more extensive and costly repairs at bay. Having the vehicle checked out before a scheduled road trip can ensure safe and hassle-free travels. Contact Reliable Transmission Service for quality auto maintenance and repair.

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