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15 February 2017 Bookmark and Share

 Reliable Transmission Service - benefits of a rebuilt transmission

Replacing a transmission can be a huge task. Even though your vehicle may need a new transmission, buying a new one will cost a large amount of money. A better option for those on a limited budget may be a rebuilt transmission in Rock Hill, SC. This is a great option for getting your vehicle running again without breaking the bank.

The cost savings is just one of the benefits of a rebuilt transmission. The entire transmission is disassembled and each component is checked for wear and tear. This is the basis for a rebuilt transmission, the worn out parts are replaced with new, genuine part in order to make the entire transmission as good as new.

The quality of a rebuilt transmission is more reliable than buying a used transmission because you will have no idea what the defects are and finding a used transmission for an older model can be a hassle. During the transmission disassembling process, the certified transmission mechanic will inspect all the parts for wear. Everything that may be unreliable is replaced before reassembling for use in your vehicle. Rebuilding the transmission takes less time than choosing a used transmission, and costs far less than a new transmission making this the best choice or many reasons.

To find out more about the benefits of a rebuilt transmission, contact Reliable Transmission Service & Auto Repair Service in Rock Hill, SC

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