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Problems in The Torque Converters and other Transmission Parts Should Only be Diagnosed and Repaired by A Certified Mechanic - Rock Hill, SC

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10 November 2015 Bookmark and Share

The transmission is one of the most important parts of any vehicle, as well as one of the most overused parts. While having a deeper understanding of how the entire transmission system works can help extend its life, it is best to bring your car in for regular transmission maintenance. This transmission service ensures that the transmission is cleaned of dirt and debris that accumulates, but also checks for wear and tear on the individual parts. Early detection of defects in your transmission can help prevent them from getting worse.

A common transmission problem occurs in the torque converter which is mainly responsible for the transfer of any rotating power from the engine to a rotating driving load. An automatic transmission torque converter acts as the clutch in a vehicle with an automatic transmission. The seal of the transmission torque converter can become damaged over time. When it breaks, the transmission fluid can leak and the converter will stop working. In some cases, the clutch becomes permanently fixed or locked together due to severe loading or distortion of the different components of the clutch. The clutch can also break if there is a shock to the clutch. When one of these problems occurs, it is best that you ask help from a certified transmission mechanic for correct diagnosis of the problem which is crucial when conducting repairs.

Transmission problems can occur in your car without prior notice. Some may show signs and symptoms, others may not. So when you experience any abnormal sounds or vibrations, it is best to bring your car immediately to the best transmission repair shop in Rock Hill, SC.

To find out more about maintenance and repair services for torque converters and other parts of the transmission system, contact Reliable Transmission Service & Auto Repair Service in Rock Hill, SC.

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