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Improve Gas Mileage this Summer – Rock Hill, SC

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2 May 2014 Bookmark and Share

Summer means travel and long car trips. If you plan on driving more this summer, you can still save money at the pump despite the high gas prices. One of the biggest challenges drivers face each summer is how to  maximize gas mileage. The combination of good driving habits and some basic regular car maintenance will help keep you safe while getting better fuel mileage all summer long.

Here are some fuel-saving tips so you can spend less money filling up your car with gas:

1) Have your air filter changed regularly: Your engine needs to breathe to create maximum power and efficiency. You should replace your air filter every 7,500 miles unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

2) Proper tire pressure is the next largest influence on fuel economy. Check the drivers’ side door post to see exactly what the tire pressure should be, then check all four tires weekly for best results. Tires that are under inflated create dramatically more rolling resistance.

3) Use synthetic oil at your next oil change. Synthetic oil reduces internal engine friction, lubricates better, and reduces engine operating temperatures, all creating a more efficient power process and helping with fuel mileage

4) Minimize idling, you’re getting zero mpg.

5) Reducing the weight of your car by eliminating excess cargo, such as extra tires, equipment, bike or ski racks, saves gas. For every 200 pounds of extra weight in a vehicle, fuel mileage is reduced by approximately one mile per gallon.

6) Keep fuel injectors clean by using an injector cleaner once or twice a year. When the fuel injector nozzle gets debris and buildup on it, the fuel charge isn’t sprayed as it was designed to. A simple injector cleaner added to the fuel tank a few times each year can help keep the injectors clean and efficient.

7) Be sure your vehicle is in alignment. If it pulls to the right or to the left, it likely needs an alignment, or possibly some suspension work. When all four wheels are traveling down the road out of alignment, rolling resistance is created, not to mention rapid tire wear. Once the vehicle tracking is straight, it will help protect your car, improve safety, and improve fuel mileage.

Anything that impedes the movement of the vehicle down the road such as low tire pressure, wind resistance, brake drag, improper wheel alignment, engine efficiency, and driveline friction costs fuel economy. Some items like wind resistance are difficult to avoid. However, going easy on the accelerator and turning off the air conditioner can be worth an extra 1-2 miles per gallon.

For more information or for regular car maintenance, contact Reliable Transmission Service.

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