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Get your Wheels Road-Ready for long Spring Trips with Tire Rotation Maintenance - Rock Hill, SC

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21 March 2018 Bookmark and Share

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Weather conditions in the south often lead to extensive wear and tear on your tires. Before you hit the road and take a long trip this spring, head first to your trusted automotive technician and have your tires addressed.

Tires are expensive. If you want to extend the life of your wheels, schedule tire rotation regularly. The front-wheels handle the forces when turning most often need to be rotated. Tire rotation ensures all wheels are working together and gives the rear tires a break. Most vehicles have their tires rotated from front to back but several manufacturers suggest a cross rotational method as well. High-end vehicles also feature different front and rear tires so it’s necessary to seek a certified automotive technician’s help to ensure proper tire rotation is performed on your vehicle.

How often you send your car for tire rotation greatly depends on your manufacturer’s recommendation. But most often it is between 5,000 to 8,000 miles. If you are looking for an automotive mechanic in Rock Hill, SC to perform quality tire rotation on your vehicle contact Reliable Transmission Repair.

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