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Flooded Roads Can be Bad for Your Car – Rock Hill, SC

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20 December 2013 Bookmark and Share

There is the potential for lots of rain in Rock Hill, SC this weekend, and this winter is predicted to have above average precipitation. With more driving on the agenda this holiday week, you might want to keep in mind how bad all this water can be for your car. For all types of car engine repairs, choose a reliable auto mechanic.

Rain and bad weather can affect your car in ways you didn’t think about. Do you drive through all those huge, standing puddles? There are parts of your car engine that are not supposed to get wet. Your car engine is powered by gas, usually, but the engine itself has lots of electrical components, and those electrical parts make your car run.

Just a small amount of water in your car’s engine can create problems. Falling rain is no problem, only a nuisance to drive in. But those deep, standing puddles of water from heavy rains can be bad for your car and require a trip to the mechanic.

When you drive have you ever come upon that huge puddle that you “have” to cross to get where you are going? Even if you do make it to the other side, you are not “out of deep water” yet.

The force and volume of the water as you drive through deep puddles and flooded areas can soak parts of your car engine that are not supposed to- and aren’t used to-  getting wet.  These are areas of the car that don’t and should not get wet, nor are they designed to get wet.

This can cause lots of electrical damage in the engine. But that could be the least of your problems if any of this water manages to make it into your engine; your engines internal components could really get caused some damage.

If you come upon deep water in the road, find a different way home or to your destination, it is not worth the risk or the expense of auto repairs. If your car engine suffers damage from water, contact Reliable Transmission Service.

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