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Flooded Roads and Deep Puddles are Bad for Your Car – Rock Hill, SC

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18 March 2016 Bookmark and Share

It is not unusual to get copious amounts of water on the roads in Rock Hill, SC. You might want to keep in mind how bad all this water can be for your car.

Obviously a hurricane can be bad for your car, certainly if a tree falls on it. But it may affect your car in ways you didn’t think about. Do you drive through all those huge, standing puddles?

Just a small amount of water in your car’s engine can create problems. Rain is no problem, but deep, standing water from hurricanes or days of rain can be bad for your vehicle transmission.

When driving maybe you “have” to cross that huge puddle or flooded area. Even if you make it to the other side, you may still be in deep water.

The force and volume of the water as you drive through deep puddles and flooded areas can soak areas of your car that are not supposed to- and aren’t used to- getting wet. The vehicle transmission does not usually get wet and is not designed to get wet.

This can cause lots of electrical damage in the transmission. But that could be the least of your problems if any of this water manages to make it into your engine; this can really cause some damage to your engines’ internal components.

If you come upon deep water in the road, find a different way home or to your destination, it is not worth the risk or the expense of auto repairs. If you do have water damage in your transmission, contact Reliable Transmission Service in Rock Hill, SC.

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