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Fixing and Preventing Transmission Problems in Rock Hill, SC

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11 June 2014 Bookmark and Share

Auto transmission is the gear that transmits the power from a vehicle's engine to the axle. It plays a vital role in changing the gear ratios as your vehicle moves. That is why preventative care is a must. Or if there is a transmission problem, it must be fixed immediately. Car and truck transmission parts may have a longer warranty than the rest of the parts of a vehicle. However, regular service checks will save you hassle and other expenses

Leaking, slipping, and overheating are common auto transmission problems in Rock Hill, SC. These problems usually make replacing your transmission the only option. But these are actually just a few of the problems that you can either fix with a certified auto transmission specialist.


Transmission leak problems should be remedied as soon as possible. This transmission problem can eventually result to transmission slipping or overheating. If there is a leak, it means that there may be untreated seal problems. Fluid leakage can be stopped and repaired and the lost fluid can be replenished.


If you expect to carry and transport heavy loads, you must consider getting an auxiliary oil cooler. Otherwise, your transmission system will not be able to maintain its normal operating temperatures. Often, old and dirty transmission fluid clog the cooler lines and may result in transmission overheating. To fix this, you may need to get and read your manual or ask the help of a Reliable Transmission Service specialist near you.


Aside from fluid leaking, transmission slipping can also be caused by a faulty solenoid. This auto transmission problem will cause gears to slip or shift abnormally. The fluid leak needs to be stopped or the solenoid needs to be cleaned of debris. If transmission problems persist, seek the help from a transmission specialist.

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