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Finding Reliable Transmission Repair Services – Rock Hill, SC

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18 September 2013 Bookmark and Share

Oftentimes when people hear that their transmission needs to be repaired or rebuilt, they translate this to mean that they actually need a new car. Essentially, this is because there are quite a few horror stories about transmission repairs. But really, transmissions can be repaired successfully.

They key is in making the right choice in choosing a transmission repair specialist in Rockhill.
Before you choose a transmission shop, find out about the certifications of the mechanics who will be fixing your vehicle. Usually certifications are posted in the office area, but always ask before you drop off your car. At Reliable Transmission Service our transmission repair and service is done by ATRA certified technicians. ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association) is the world’s largest trade organization of transmission rebuilders, specialists and suppliers.

You should also find out if the transmission repairs will have a warranty. If so, what does that warranty entail? Authorized ATRA members in good standing can issue and service The Golden Rule Warranty which is a nationwide inter-shop warranty plan.
When it comes to transmission repair and service, you can’t just trust any mechanic. Transmissions are a specialty and the auto-service shop you trust to work on your car  should specialize in transmission repair. At Reliable Transmission Service, repairing and rebuilding transmissions is our specialty.

For transmission problem diagnosis and prompt, courteous service contact Reliable Transmission Service.

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