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Extend the Life of Your Wheels with Regular Tire Balancing

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28 March 2018 Bookmark and Share

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Is your steering wheel shaking when you drive or are your tires wobbling when you rev your engine? Most likely you car is having a wheel imbalance issue and may require maintenance to prevent further damage of your tires. Have your trusted auto mechanic check your wheels and tires and see if they are due for tire balancing.

There’s a thin piece of weight lining that is evenly spread inside your wheel which overtime will start to move. This can lead to an imbalanced wheel. The imbalance can cause a side to side trembling or a ruffled forward rotation depending on where the heavy spots are concentrated. Even a slight variation of weights can cause frequent bouncing and inevitably affect your tires. You need to have a certified car expert perform tire balancing repairs and check your car’s overall condition to determine if there are other issues that are causing the unusual turbulence.

Tire balancing usually needs to be carried out at approximately every 5000 miles but this will vary depending on your manufacturer’s recommendation and how often you drive your vehicle. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair for tire repairs and maintenance.

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