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Change Auto Oil Before The Winter

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3 January 2018 Bookmark and Share

Reliable Transmission Repair - Auto Oil Change Service in Rock Hill, SC

Pampering antique or fair weather cars by storing them in the winter is a common practice. As the south gets some of the strangest weather it has ever seen, more people may be storing sports cars and cars that won't fair well on ice and snow. An essential part of this process is auto oil changes. The average car oil shelf life is often only about three months. Engine Oil prevents corrosion in the fuel lines and in the engine during long term storage.

An Auto oil change in Rockhill, SC replaces all the vehicle with fresh and includes the addition of engine stabilizers, ideal for secure car hibernation. For extreme winter temperatures, anti-freeze may also be recommended. Regular check ups on other components are performed as well to ensure optimum vehicle conditions at all times.

While self-monitoring of cars is fundamental it is still best to consult automotive experts for advice on how to change car oil. Maintenance and repair services before winter car storing will ensure all systems are properly addressed before storing your car.

For more details on engine oil changes and storing cars for winter, contact Reliable Transmission Service and Auto Repair Service in Rockhill, SC.

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