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14 October 2014 Bookmark and Share

An automatic transmission is the most complex part of your car’s engine. Therefore it is also the most expensive to repair. Your car’s transmission is very much dependent on the transmission fluid to lubricate and cool down the transmission. But just like everything else, this fluid can deteriorate over time. Not maintaining this fluid, keeping it free from debris, and maintaining the proper level will result in transmission problems.

Most of the vehicles today do not have a transmission fluid dipstick to check the level of fluid. Therefore it can only be done by a mechanic. A certified transmission specialist can check the condition of the transmission fluid thereby recommend a change if necessary.

Regularly changing the transmission fluid is important so it will not lose its lubricating qualities. If not flushed on a regular basis it will leave unwanted debris inside your transmission causing serious issues. Therefore, it should be regularly inspected by a certified transmission specialist.

To make sure that your transmission gets the right diagnosis and repair, contact Reliable Transmission & Auto Repair Service.

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