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Car Tune Up Increases Gas Mileage and Extends Life of Car - Rock Hill, SC

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10 October 2013 Bookmark and Share

There are a couple of regular expenses in your life that over the course of the year can really add up. Your car is one of those. In fact, after your home, your car is usually your second highest expense. Regular auto tune-ups can extend the life of your car and keep auto repairs to a minimum. But, did you know that regular car tune-up and car maintenance will also increase your gas mileage?

Beyond gas and oil changes, many car owners forgo spending money on their car. But as gas prices rise, car and truck owners are trying to figure how they can cut down on commuting in order to spend less on gas. But, there is a better and easier way, regularly scheduled car maintenance.

By skipping regularly scheduled maintenance, you will unfortunately encounter very expensive and labor intensive car repairs down the line. You will also see your car’s gas mileage decrease over time.

Have you ever looked at the owner’s manual service chart? If you have had your car or truck for a few years you cannot remember the last time you had a tune up, get one! This could affect your gas mileage; you will see an increase, but you may also see the best gas mileage your car has had in a long time.

Reliable Transmission Services recommends scheduled maintenance every 30K, 60K and 90K miles. Why? When you get a tune up your mechanic is looking at your spark plugs, checking the timing, adjusting gas and airflow through your car’s carburetor or fuel injectors. If you have bad spark plug wires your car could misfire causing you car to increase gas consumption. In getting a tune up the mechanic may find other problems such as faulty oxygen. Replacing this one faulty sensor could increase gas mileage up to 40%. Replacing a dirty air filter can increase gas mileage up to 10%.

When your car is properly tuned up it will run smoother, quieter and potentially save you money on future repairs and at the gas pump. If you're looking for the best mileage do not overlook a tune up and contact Reliable Transmission Services.

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