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26 December 2013 Bookmark and Share

There is an increase in Americans who are taking trips over the Christmas/New Year’s winter break, says AAA.

This season, an estimated 94.5 million Americans are either visiting family or friends; or vacationing between Saturday, Dec. 21, and Wednesday, Jan. 1.

According AAA reports, the upward national trend marks the fifth consecutive year of increases during the year-end holiday period. In addition, the national number reflects the highest holiday travel volume AAA has recorded for the season.

Of the overall 94.5 million folks traveling nationally, 91% or 85.8 million people will travel by auto, a 9/10th of a percent increase over last year.

But, before you hit the road for the holiday, there are three things you should check before driving anywhere: oil, fluid and tire pressure.

Check the engine oil, making sure it's clean and full so the engine stays lubricated. Also, check the antifreeze because if that's too low, your car won't defrost and won't get the heat it needs.

And, if there's an antifreeze leak, things could get tricky on the road.

If your car has a small antifreeze leak, that leak could empty the radiator, which will cause the car to overheat and blow the engine. You will be stranded on the side of the road, rather than relaxing and socializing with family and friends.

The last thing to check is the tires. If the tires are under-inflated, and you are driving long distance you could add extra wear to your tires, blow a tire, and adversely affect your gas mileage.

If you are having car trouble before or after a long trip, contact Reliable Transmission Service.

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