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Car Preparation Tips for Spring

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7 March 2018 Bookmark and Share

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Car care needs vary by season. In winter, your prep may include preparing with snow emergency kits and frequent battery inspections. But when the weather gets warmer, your car calls for another round of maintenance checks to ensure that it is road-ready. Prep up your car this spring with this car care checklist:

Change Winter Tires - Winter tires can’t adhere properly on dry or wet roads. Wash your winter tires thoroughly and store them in a dry place for use next winter. Replace them with tires that are suitable for dry months.

Start Spring Car Cleaning - Your car needs a general washing and a major de-cluttering of winter debris. Make sure to cover all corners of your car both inside and out. Dust and dirt built-up can ruin the paint and damage the finish of your car.

Check Your Battery - Battery may have deteriorated under freezing cold temperature during winter. If it takes a longer time to start than usual, you might need to send it to a certified automotive technician for thorough battery testing and possible replacement.

Inspect Your Brakes - Before you drive down the road, try out your brakes first. Check for flashing dashboard lights and unusual grinding or grating under your car’s hood. Any of these signs are indicative of worn out brake pads. Have your brakes checked by a certified brake repair service in Rock Hill, SC.

Assess Wiper Blades and Lighting - Expect frequent rainshowers during springtime so make sure your wiper blades are in tip top condition. If your wipers are screeching while it stroke against your windscreen, it implies a wear and tear. Replace it right away with a new pair.

Change Oil and Fluid - This is a good time to change your oil and other essential fluids per manufacturer’s recommendation to keep your car’s optimum performance.

Following these checklist can keep you updated of your car’s overall condition. Have an automotive specialist carry out a thorough inspection of your car prior to a long drive to your spring break destinations. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair today!

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