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Car Maintenance Before Long Summer Road Trips – Rock Hill, SC

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9 May 2014 Bookmark and Share

Summer is fast approaching, and summer means road trips. If you are taking your car on a long road trip this summer, keep in mind that road trip driving is are easier on your car than everyday driving  but there are some car repairs you should take care of first especially if your car is old or has a lot of mileage.

If your car needs major repairs or maintenance; take care of car maintenance at least one month before you leave. That way if any problems with the car repairs come up, there will be plenty of time to take care of them.

Have your mechanic check the coolant's mixture of antifreeze and water to make sure the car is properly protected.

Be sure your tires are inflated to the right tire pressure. Low tire pressure causes extra heat buildup which can lead to a blowout. And while you’re having the pressure checked, check the tire tread. If it's time for new tires, obviously have them changed before you leave.

Make sure the spare tire is fully inflated and that the jack and other necessary tools to change a tire are in your trunk.

Get any scheduled car maintenance done. If you are close to needing an oil change, or other maintenance during your trip, get it done now.

Have the air filter checked because a clogged air filter reduces fuel economy. If your current air filter has been in the car for more than 10,000 miles, get it changed.

For car maintenance before a road trip, contact Reliable Transmission Service.

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