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Budget for Unexpected Car Repairs - Rock Hill, SC

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10 January 2014 Bookmark and Share

Unfortunately every car or truck needs repairs. Other than routine scheduled service, more often than not those car repairs are unexpected. Finding enough money in a tight budget for unexpected car repairs and other expenses can be very difficult.

For most, having a reliable car is a necessity not a luxury. Without a means of transportation, finding and keeping a job may be nearly impossible not to mention handling day to day errands.

Regardless of if you have a brand new car, or a used vehicle regular and consistent car maintenance is the key to holding off unexpected car repair expenses. You will eventually need new tires, and brakes will need new to be replaced for continued safety. Budgeting for these repairs is already challenging.

Here are some ideas on how to budget for those unexpected car expenses.

Evaluate the condition of any used car before you buy it. A used car is always going to have some wear. Buying a certified used car is always the best option. However, if you buy a used car from a private individual, always have a certified mechanic check it out first.

Never buy a car that pushes your budget to the breaking point. Always figure in routine expenses like gas, oil changes and licensing fees, plus the cost of the car loan (if you have one) and the insurance. If you assume a monthly budget of $200 on essential car items alone, you need to be sure that is a number that you can afford taking into consideration your other expenses and your income. You can keep the $200 as the maximum point, but do everything you can to keep the actual car and repair expenses around $150 or less.

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