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Auto Transmission Maintenance Should Include Checking and Changing the Transmission Fluid - Rock Hill, SC

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16 January 2015 Bookmark and Share

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) does a lot for your transmission system itself. Checking and changing ATF should always be included in the list of available transmission maintenance services.

The transmission fluid plays a primary function in lubricating your transmission in order to keep everything moving smoothly. The right transmission fluid pressure allows for the transmission to more smoothly change gears, and it also keeps the transmission cool to prevent overheating while your vehicle is in use. Without clean ATF, transmission problems like shifting and slipping issues can arise. To prevent many types of failures in your transmission system, ATF must be checked regularly and changed if necessary.

The frequency of changing transmission fluid depends on your driving habits and a few other factors. Because the transmission fluid has a lot of responsibilities, including preventing rust and oxidation, it degrades over time. Sometimes, fluid change should be done sooner than scheduled. Even if you do not have any engine problems, you should always bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance checks and ask the transmission specialists in Rock Hill, SCto inspect for any indication that your ATF needs to be changed.

Let your transmission run on healthy ATF. For more details, contact the Reliable Transmission Service & Auto Repair Service in Rock Hill, SC .

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