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Auto Brakes: Making Sure The Vehicle Stops When It Should – Rock Hill, SC

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2 June 2014 Bookmark and Share

A vehicle has an automotive braking system which uses friction or heat energy to slow down the rotation of the wheel, keeping the whole vehicle from moving. Maintaining it ensures that it is always in top shape. Preventative auto maintenance recommends regular brake system inspections to check for clean brake fluid and lack of corrosion because this will interfere the performance of the brakes.

Catching the signals that your brakes have issues before there are serious problem is the best way to make sure your vehicle is safe when driving. Below are a few things to look out for that can affect your braking system's efficiency and safety:

  • Auto brakes create a grinding or scraping noise, indicating a possibility of worn out linings or pads
  • Brake fluid level in the master cylinder is low or warning lamp stays lit up
  • Brake locks with only light pressure, indicating a loose or broken component in the braking system
  • Brake pedal feels either soft or spongy when it is depressed, indicating faulty master cylinder
  • Brake fluid test results to high copper content or indicates the need for fluid replacement
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when the pedal is stepped on, indicating a problem with the braking system, particularly the calipers

As part of the Auto Repair services in Rock Hill , worn out brake components must be replaced with exact parts or with parts that exceed the current performance standard. Brake service and repairs should ensure the optimum life and smooth operation of the braking system, which rely on high quality hydraulic parts and fluids to make a vehicle stop when it should. Every part of the system should run smoothly and safety.

For more information on auto repair and maintenance, only consult with a Reliable Transmission Service.

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