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Get your Wheels Road-Ready for long Spring Trips with Tire Rotation Maintenance - Rock Hill, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Reliable Auto Transmission - Auto Repair

Weather conditions in the south often lead to extensive wear and tear on your tires. Before you hit the road and take a long trip this spring, head first to your trusted automotive technician and have your tires addressed.

Tires are expensive. If you want to extend the life of your wheels, schedule tire rotation regularly. The front-wheels handle the forces when turning most often need to be rotated. Tire rotation ensures all wheels are working together and gives the rear tires a break. Most vehicles have their tires rotated from front to back but several manufacturers suggest a cross rotational method as well. High-end vehicles also feature different front and rear tires so it’s necessary to seek a certified automotive technician’s help to ensure proper tire rotation is performed on your vehicle.

How often you send your car for tire rotation greatly depends on your manufacturer’s recommendation. But most often it is between 5,000 to 8,000 miles. If you are looking for an automotive mechanic in Rock Hill, SC to perform quality tire rotation on your vehicle contact Reliable Transmission Repair.

GPS Fleet Management System for a Systematic Fleet Monitoring and Maintenance

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Reliable Auto Transmission - Auto Repair

Fleet management can be tough when a company has a couple of fleet units deployed. It’s hard to monitor each vehicle’s daily status especially when the company is relying to personnel reports which can be unreliable at times. Potential problems such as engine malfunctions and faulty brakes may occur when your fleet vehicles are out on the road. Sending your vehicles regularly to scheduled maintenance with fleet services experts is important. But having a GPS fleet tracking system can help a lot in monitoring your deployed vehicles.

With a GPS fleet management system, it’s easier to monitor your fleet’s fuel use, real-time location, and employee driving behavior. Fleet vehicles are are expensive assets, it only makes sense that your vehicle and driver safety is your utmost concern. With a real-time tracking report, fleet managers can detect instantly if there’s something wrong with the vehicle even prior to employee status update. Due to this automatic notification, managers can deploy help immediately and pull the vehicle from service for thorough check-up and fleet repair.

Fleet repair services in Rock Hill, SC have skilled auto mechanics that know how to install and update the fleet tracking device. The team is comprised of highly-trained fleet experts that are capable of performing complete diagnostics for fleet units. Whether your fleets is made up of cars, trucks or SUVs, Reliable Transmission Repair’s fleet repair service team can handle it. Contact us today!

Car Preparation Tips for Spring

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 07, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

Car care needs vary by season. In winter, your prep may include preparing with snow emergency kits and frequent battery inspections. But when the weather gets warmer, your car calls for another round of maintenance checks to ensure that it is road-ready. Prep up your car this spring with this car care checklist:

Change Winter Tires - Winter tires can’t adhere properly on dry or wet roads. Wash your winter tires thoroughly and store them in a dry place for use next winter. Replace them with tires that are suitable for dry months.

Start Spring Car Cleaning - Your car needs a general washing and a major de-cluttering of winter debris. Make sure to cover all corners of your car both inside and out. Dust and dirt built-up can ruin the paint and damage the finish of your car.

Check Your Battery - Battery may have deteriorated under freezing cold temperature during winter. If it takes a longer time to start than usual, you might need to send it to a certified automotive technician for thorough battery testing and possible replacement.

Inspect Your Brakes - Before you drive down the road, try out your brakes first. Check for flashing dashboard lights and unusual grinding or grating under your car’s hood. Any of these signs are indicative of worn out brake pads. Have your brakes checked by a certified brake repair service in Rock Hill, SC.

Assess Wiper Blades and Lighting - Expect frequent rainshowers during springtime so make sure your wiper blades are in tip top condition. If your wipers are screeching while it stroke against your windscreen, it implies a wear and tear. Replace it right away with a new pair.

Change Oil and Fluid - This is a good time to change your oil and other essential fluids per manufacturer’s recommendation to keep your car’s optimum performance.

Following these checklist can keep you updated of your car’s overall condition. Have an automotive specialist carry out a thorough inspection of your car prior to a long drive to your spring break destinations. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair today!

Things to Keep in Mind When Driving an Automatic Car

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

Automatic transmission vehicles are easy and safe to drive which make them easier to operate for those learning or new to driving. No wonder more and more first time car buyers prefer to own an automatic car over vehicles with manual transmission system. However, there are things you should refrain from doing under any circumstance while you are at the wheel.

Firing Up the Engine Prior to Reversing the Gear - This can lead to increase friction between internal parts of the engine causing significant damage to the entire engine.

Changing Gears While the Car is Moving - When transmission components are compelled to swiftly change direction, this can rapidly break your gearbox. Still the proper way of stopping the vehicle is using the brakes.

Going Down a Slope in Neutral Mode - A common error of drivers which reduces the oil transfer to the transmission. This results to inadequate lubrication of the gears which can cause imminent transmission problems.

Neutral Mode at Red Light - Pressing the brakes to stay in drive mode has lesser impact than changing in and out of neutral state which is more damaging.

Low Fuel Tank - Fuel keeps your engine cool and lubricated, low fuel can cause too much friction in the internal parts and can lead to overheating. Moreover, automatic cars greatly relies on fuel pressure for it to operate optimally.

Turning to Parking Mode Prior to a Complete Stop - The locking pin can embed inside a gear that is connected to the output shaft where the wheels are also attached. If you lock it while your car is moving simultaneously, the locking pin might break. When this happens, bring your car immediately to a certified transmission service mechanic.

Safe driving and the lifespan of a car still greatly depends to its driver. Also, sending your car to regular servicing and maintenance can extend the life of your car transmission system. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair in Rock Hill, SC for a thorough transmission system maintenance.

Safe Driving Tips in Flooded Roadways

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 22, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Brake Repair in Rock Hill, SC

With the unpredictable weather we regularly have, being prepared with safe driving tips can keep you out of danger and reduce the risk of property damage. Your car has many electrical parts that should not be soaked with water. But what if you are caught in a flooded roadway? Follow these helpful tips to avoid unnecessary electrical damage in the car engine:

Detour - As much as possible avoid driving puddles of water. If you can still find a safer alternative route to your destination, drive that way instead. Forcing your vehicle to cross flooded roadways can cost you expensive car engine repairs and worse yet, life-threatening injuries.

Obey Barricades - Do not ignore road flooding warning signages. Do not force to attempt driving through seemingly shallow water because they might be much deeper than you think. There might be large holes or objects that are hidden beneath the water surface that can lodge and can cause damage at the bottom parts of your vehicle.

Estimate Depth of Water - If there’s no other way but to drive through flooded lane, observe how deep is the water from other cars that are driving ahead of you. Do not proceed if you think your vehicle is too low or there’s a rushing water that is too strong for your vehicle to handle.

Avoid Downed Power Lines - Drive slowly and elude downed power lines. Always assume that they are live. It’s electrical current can easily travel through water which can damage your car and can put you in grave danger.

Test and Dry Wet Brakes - Just in case you have past through a water level that come close toward your wheel rims, check your brakes when you reached a clearer path because most likely your brakes are soaked in the water. Dry it by stepping down to your brake pedal gently while maintaining a speed.

Exit the Car Safely - If your car’s engine stalls out in a large standing water, might as well decide to go out of your car and carefully check for hazards in your surrounding. Reach to a higher ground as soon as possible.

Lastly, don’t attempt to start a car that is trapped or submerged in deep water. A comprehensive check-up is required before starting the engine to make sure the electric components are free of moisture and working accurately. Contact a certified automotive mechanic, contact Reliable Transmission Repair for assistance.

Warning Signs that Call for a Car Tune-Up

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Reliable Transmission - rebuilt transmission in Rock Hill, SC

Owning a vehicle is not limited to merely knowing how to drive it, it’s important to learn how to detect if there’s something wrong with it. Early detection of engine failure can prevent further damage and, more importantly, spare you from impending danger. Here are things you need to be aware of when driving your car:

    Dashboard Lights are On - Your dashboard lights serve as car sensors. When you see unusual flickering in the dashboard, it indicates a problem with your engine. Make sure to bring your car right away to a certified automotive mechanic for an engine check-up.

    Unusual Sound - Overtime, you get used to the normal sound of your engine. So it is easy for you to detect an odd sound or grinding under your car’s hood. It’s hard to know what is amiss that is creating the unusual noise so send your car to an automotive maintenance expert for thorough inspection and tune-up.

    Stalling Engine - Serious issues are causing the engine to stall out. It might be a dead battery, clutch connectivity glitches, ignition problems etc. So if you experience stalling, you should pull over right away and seek the help of an automotive specialists in Rock Hill, SC.

    Bad Gas Mileage - A sudden drop in fuel efficiency can be attributed to numerous causes. Whatever might be causing it, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage will get even more severe and it will cost you a lot of money in gas and repairs.

    Slow Acceleration - A decrease in acceleration is usually a result of a neglected issue that develops overtime. Have it checked as soon as possible before the problem becomes irreversible.

    Engine Misfire - When you feel your engine abruptly sink then recover, it's a sign of engine misfire. There are many reasons behind the incomplete combustion process of a engine such as worn out spark plugs and ignition problems. And all of these issues require urgent attention.

Knowing these signs are helpful but it is important to seek regular maintenance and not wait for your car to nudge you. Bring your car to a trusted automotive maintenance expert for regular tune-ups to prevent severity of any car problem. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair for thorough car inspection and tune ups.

Regular Auto Oil Changes for Smooth Engine Performance

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 07, 2018
Reliable Transmission Repair - Auto Oil Change Service in Rock Hill, SC

Regular auto oil change in Rock Hill, SC is highly recommended to ensure smooth engine performance. Over time, exposure to dirt and particles can turn auto oil into grease. When moving engine components are constantly saturated with dirty oil, this produces excessive friction that can lead to overheating in the engine.

An auto oil change that is done according to the manufacturer’s recommendation will keep your vehicle in top shape. Every vehicle has different specifications as to how often oil should be replaced and the type of oil to use. But the usual rule-of-thumb for most cars is every 5000 miles as a minimum or every 3 months. The right oil viscosity that is required for your engine should be taken into consideration as well. An oil with increasing viscosity under high temperatures could warrant less oil consumption and minimizes engine wear.

Dirt buildup on the internal components tends to increase fuel consumption. Stick to your routine auto maintenance to spare your vehicle from unnecessary damage and more expenses for repairs. If you are looking for certified mechanics that can perform proper oil changes for your vehicle, contact Reliable Transmission Repair.

Warning Signs of Defective Brakes

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 01, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Brake Repair in Rock Hill, SC

Faulty brakes are one of the leading causes of vehicular accidents. So imagine how daunting it can be when your brakes fail. No matter how hard you step on the pedal, your car just won’t stop fast enough. Next time you drive, think about your brakes and determine if you have any warning signs that they need service. Below are some of the signs to look for:

Warning Lights. When the car sensors turn on this indicates an issue with the brakes. Bring your vehicle to the best place for brake service right away to have the system checked out.

Irregular Noise or Vibration. You hit the brakes and the steering wheel shakes or you hear a grating sound, this hints that something may be torn, broken, or very worn and likely needs repair or replacement.

Unusual Pull. When you step on the brake pedal and the vehicle draws in one direction, this means only one side of the brakes are working properly. This requires urgent attention.

Slow Response. The vehicle won’t stop instantly when the driver press the brakes. This means the pads, calipers or rotors are worn.

Thin Break Pads. The brake pads should be replaced immediately when they are less than 1/4 inch.

It’s important to be aware of these red flags so your automotive braking system can be inspected properly by a certified brake repair service in Rock hill, SC. This prevents further damage to your brakes and avoids greater expenditures on repairs. For more about brake repairs, contact Reliable Transmission Repair.

Systematic Fleet Repair Services Stabilize Company Cash Flow

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Reliable Auto Transmission - Auto Repair

Monitoring a fleet of vehicles can be challenging for some businesses. Without the proper equipment and trained personnel, unplanned vehicle breakdowns can decrease productivity. Because of this, some businesses outsource their fleet maintenance and repair to shops with fleet repair services experts as part of their business strategies.

Fleet repair in Rockhill, SC uses top of the line equipment capable of performing complete car diagnostics. A team of certified automotive technicians monitor every car and vehicle condition. Since situations may vary for each car, only needed repairs and maintenance are performed. This translates to thousands of dollars of savings per year.

Moreover, systematic management of the company fleet through fleet repair services not only saves money, it provides businesses a clear picture of their cash flow. A well-maintained vehicle fleet means a fixed cost can be assigned to the entire fleet per month. Consistent fixed costs enable businesses to plan ahead, budget appropriately, and set highly achievable targets. For more about fleet repair services, contact Reliable Transmission Repair.

Protecting Car Transmission From The Cold Prevents Costly Repairs

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Reliable Transmission Repair - Reliable Transmission Service & Auto Repair Service in Rock Hill, SC

The transmission is one of the most expensive parts of the car. Protecting them against the damage caused by cold weather will prevent costly repairs and replacement down-the-line. As a mechanical system that is responsible for shifting gears, the car transmission utilizes transmission fluid for smooth movement of its internal parts. This fluid functions as a lubricant to the metallic gears and rotating components to decrease wear as an effect of mechanical stress during gear shifting and rotation.

Freezing temperature in winter thickens the transmission fluid or oil which may cause difficulty or delay in changing gears. Metal enclosures often contract in low temperatures so the possibility of oil leaks and water infiltration in the transmission system are high. Warming up the vehicle for a few minutes after idle periods helps to keep the effects from cold temperatures at bay. But if irregularities such as clunking and delay in transmission response manifest, it is best to consult the nearest transmission service in Rockhill, SC.

Regular transmission maintenance is vital to car transmission health. During maintenance, automotive specialists will check the oil level and perform fluid replacement when necessary. Other car parts will be examined as well, providing a total car check-up for a safe and enjoyable ride through the entire winter. For more about car transmission repair and maintenance, contact Reliable Transmission Repair.