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Regular Fleet Maintenance Keeps Your Company Vehicles in Top Condition

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 06, 2018
Reliable Auto Transmission - Auto Repair

Company vehicles are expensive assets. It is practical to bring them in for routine fleet system maintenance to keep them in tiptop condition all the time. This will ensure that commercial vehicle fleets are running safely on the road and that they will be able to provide excellent service to your customers.

Performing regular fleet maintenance in Rock Hill, SC can lower your running costs and increase the vehicle resale value. This practice can keep your vehicles conditioned at all times and keep engines running smoothly. Early detection through meticulous fleet inspection can address vehicle issues at the early stage, preventing further damage and costly repairs. Ensuring regular maintenance can avoid unnecessary downtime and can spur customer service reliability.

Reliable Transmission Services offers the best price for fleet repair services. We have the best rates for quality fleet maintenance services that covers all aspects of the needs your vehicles require. Contact Reliable Transmission Service today!

Regular Auto Maintenance can Prevent Common Summer Auto Issues

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

Summer often means road trips. There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck on the side of the road, rather than driving down it to your summer destination. If you are planning a road trip soon, make sure you bring you vehicle in for a car tune up and repair common summer auto issues before hitting the road to ensure that your vehicle is operating with the most efficient gas mileage.

Common, but not well-known issues for vehicles that can affect gas mileage include faulty oxygen sensors. Inaccurate readings can diminish gas mileage by up to 40%. Gas caps must also be inspected to make sure they are properly fitted. Loose fitting gas caps can decrease your engine's efficiency by a couple of miles per gallon. Damaged Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors need to be replaced often, and a malfunction can lead to inadequate power and over-acceleration of the engine which can lower fuel economy by 10-25%. Summer maintenance should also include ensuring that the air filter is clean, this will help maintain your MAF sensor's condition. Lastly, malfunctioning spark plugs must be changed because this can cause permanent damage to the vehicle's catalytic converter. All of the above, when faulty, can add quite a bit of expense to your trip in fuel costs.

Regular auto maintenance can prevent these issues and keep further, more extensive and costly repairs at bay. Having the vehicle checked out before a scheduled road trip can ensure safe and hassle-free travels. Contact Reliable Transmission Service for quality auto maintenance and repair.

Prevent Tire Blowouts with Regular Auto Maintenance

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Reliable Auto Transmission - Tire Repair, Rock Hill, SC

Vehicle tires tend to wear and tear faster than most other parts of the vehicle due to constant friction. Regular auto repair and maintenance can ensure that the tire's inflation is adequate to prevent this wear and tear from happening faster than it normally would.

Regular inspection of the tire pressure and their overall condition is highly recommended. It's hard to tell if your tires still have adequate inflation pressure just by merely looking at them, especially during changing seasons and temperature fluctuations. A high quality pressure gauge is needed to get an accurate pressure reading. The right time to check the tire pressure is when it is cold or right before the car is driven. In case your tire finally needs replacement, have your auto mechanic checked the tire valves as well for any wear and tear.

Your tires require proper care and maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Have your tires properly inspected by trusted auto repair experts. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair for quality auto maintenance.

Dragging Clutch Needs For Immediate Repair

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Reliable Transmission Repair - Transmission Clutch Repair Service in Rock Hill, SC

A dragging clutch is one of the most common issues encountered in vehicles with manual transmission . You know you have a dragging clutch problem when you try to press the clutch pedal and it fails to disconnect the disk from the flywheel. As a result, the driver is unable to shift gears because of the disengaged clutch which spins together with the engine. You can hear a grating sound each time you attempt to change gears.

This common clutch related concern is a result of repeated improper pedaling and cup dimension following a resurfaced flywheel. Although this is easy to fix and the repair is less costly than other transmission issues, it is still very important to bring the vehicle for transmission clutch repair service in Rock Hill, SC for further diagnostic and adjustment. This issue can cause driving irregularities and larger problems particularly when you are caught up in bumper to bumper traffic.

With a smoothly operating clutch the vehicle operator has full control of the gears . With any engine or transmission problems, make sure to bring your vehicle in for trusted transmission clutch repair service right away, especially when you notice you are putting too much effort when stepping in the clutch pedal. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair as soon as possible if you think your clutch needs repair or replacement.

Cool Down Your Auto Transmission For a Smooth Drive

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 02, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

The high temperature that summer brings in South Carolina can take a toll on your car particularly on an automatic transmission. It can oxidize rapidly and the lubricant can dry up faster than usual. Deposits can buildup and clog the filters; overtime, it can inhibit the flow of transmission fluid. Transmission experts in Rock Hill, SC recommend that the transmission oil is changed regularly to prevent lubrication issues which can result in overheating.

Transmission mechanics also recommend investing in top quality transmission cooling. Stacked plate cooler is the most ideal type of cooling system for automatic transmission due to its durability and efficiency. Wide stacked plates can release heat faster compared to other coolers since it promotes more air flow through a series of plates and aluminum fins. Moreover, it has fittings that allows convenient installation and easy removal.

With summer fast approaching, your car may be towing heavy loads and driving long distances. In order to prevent hassles along the way, prepare your vehicle for the summer and schedule a tune-up. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair.

What is the Sound Your Car Makes in Reverse?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Reliable Transmission - rebuilt transmission in Rock Hill, SC

Have you noticed that when your manual transmission is in reverse, the car makes a funny sound? If you gain a little speed in reverse, you can really hear the transmission whining about it.

We all have a habit of listening to the sounds our vehicles make. Because of the whine, people think that there's something wrong with the transmission, and bring their car to the shop. However, all cars with manual transmission whine in reverse, some more than others.

Why? The answer is in the gears. The sound is a result of how the gears are shaped in reverse. The forward gears in your transmission are helically shaped, the individual teeth on the gear are curved, but reverse has straight cut teeth.

Because of their shape, a helical gear's teeth are always in contact with the next gear. If you could see the two straight gears moving very slowly you would see a split second where there is a space between the teeth. the whine you hear is because of the tapping of the gears remaking contact with each other. Since a helical gear has long, curved teeth, the two gears are never out of contact, so no tiny taps, and no noise.

But keep listening to your car. Most often when you think it is making a strange sound it is. For more information or to schedule regular vehicle maintenance, contact Reliable Transmission.

Warning Signs of Faulty Shocks and Struts

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

Shocks and struts prevent a vehicle from bouncing too much and provides a smoother ride. Overtime, they become worn out like any other car parts. It is important to understand the early warning signs of faulty struts and shocks to prevent danger and costly auto repairs. Have your car checked by a certified mechanic as soon as you notice the following signs:

Severe Bouncing - If you’re driving in a rough road or come across a bump, and your car bounces more, harder or higher, this is indicative of faulty shock absorbers. Strut or shock replacement might be necessary.

Car Dips or Squats - Shocks and struts help keep your vehicle steady and stable at all times. However, when they are failing, the front end of your car tends to dive. Sometimes, car’s rear end squats when you try to rev up and in some cases it makes a drastic dip to one side when you try to make a turn. Send your car to an automotive technician for proper evaluation.

Scalloping Tire - The rubber of your tires can get scraped off from excessive bouncing due to worn out struts and shocks.

Leaking fluid - Strut and shocks are filled with hydraulic fluid. When you drive into a strech of bumpy road, the shocks and struts compress causing the piston inside to push against the hydraulic fluid. A small leak is normal but if you notice your struts and shocks are completely drenched with oil, bring it to a certified auto mechanic in Rock Hill, SC.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Reliable Transmission Repair and have your car scheduled for servicing as soon as possible.

Timing Belt Replacement, When Should it Be Done?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

The purpose of the timing belt is to rotate the engine’s cam and crankshaft together to ensure that each cylinder fires at the right time. However, over time the timing belt will get worn out from exposure to different forces within the motor. Your engine won’t start if you have a defective timing belt. Replacing the timing belt should be done properly for a safer and smoother drive.

Worn out timing belts should be addressed right away. Otherwise, this may cause issues with your engines which can result in even more problems and larger expense for repairs. Take note of any ticking noises in your engine, issues with ignition, engine misfires, or leaking oil. Have a certified mechanic inspect your car thoroughly in order to find out if repair is enough or if replacement is necessary.

It is often hard to identify issues with your timing belt since it has the same manifestations as some other car problems. Sending your car regularly for a routine service can prevent damage of your timing belt. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair for next timing belt replacement schedule.

Car Prepwork for Long Road Trips

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 04, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

People often take long road trips during the warmer weather. However, it is highly recommended to get regular auto maintenance first prior to using it for a long drive. Have your certified mechanic perform a thorough inspection in order to repair issues that require immediate attention. It is advisable to get your car for servicing at least a month ahead of your summer trip. This is enough time to consider and schedule car repairs in case there are issues that might come up during an evaluation.

Auto maintenance will check and clean the air filters as well. Clogged air filters consume more fuel increasing fuel costs during long drives. In addition, before taking a long ride, be sure to have a fully inflated spare tire, a jack, wrenches and other car tools, car manual, registration, and proof of insurance, as well as a safety kit.

Have a safe and hassle-free ride. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair to make your vehicle road-ready for long summer trips.

Extend the Life of Your Wheels with Regular Tire Balancing

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Reliable Auto Transmission - Auto Repair

Is your steering wheel shaking when you drive or are your tires wobbling when you rev your engine? Most likely you car is having a wheel imbalance issue and may require maintenance to prevent further damage of your tires. Have your trusted auto mechanic check your wheels and tires and see if they are due for tire balancing.

There’s a thin piece of weight lining that is evenly spread inside your wheel which overtime will start to move. This can lead to an imbalanced wheel. The imbalance can cause a side to side trembling or a ruffled forward rotation depending on where the heavy spots are concentrated. Even a slight variation of weights can cause frequent bouncing and inevitably affect your tires. You need to have a certified car expert perform tire balancing repairs and check your car’s overall condition to determine if there are other issues that are causing the unusual turbulence.

Tire balancing usually needs to be carried out at approximately every 5000 miles but this will vary depending on your manufacturer’s recommendation and how often you drive your vehicle. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair for tire repairs and maintenance.