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Tips to Achieve Better Gas Mileage

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Reliable Transmission Service and Auto Repair - Rock Hill, SC

With gas prices rising, it is important to be sure your vehicle is as efficient as it can be in regards to gas mileage. Long drives mean an increase in fuel consumption. However, there are ways to maximize gas mileage. Here are some regular car maintenance tips that can be done for better fuel savings:

  • Replace your air filter regularly for optimal power and efficiency.
  • Maintain appropriate tire pressure. Less inflated tires can cause more rolling resistance that significantly affects fuel consumption.
  • Use synthetic oil on your next oil change to reduce internal engine friction and for sufficient lubrication of the gears.
  • Remove excess car load for better fuel economy.
  • Maintain the fuel injector nozzle clean so the fuel charge is sprayed properly as intended.
  • Keep your car in proper alignment to avoid rolling resistance and tire wear.

Regular car maintenance can help prevent the issues and concerns that lead to poor mileage.

Contact Reliable Transmission Service to do your regular car maintenance and optimize your gas mileage.

Reasons Why Your Car Needs an Auto Oil Change in A Regular Basis

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 08, 2018
Reliable Transmission Repair automotive maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

An auto oil change is required when you reach a certain mileage. Usually, it's every 3,000 miles but this milestone differs depending on manufacturer's recommendation, driving conditions and how you drive your car. Regardless, oil changes are necessary in keeping your car running smoothly and in extending its life. Below are a few reason why an oil filter and oil change are necessary:

  • Proper Engine Oil Lubrication - Your vehicle is composed of many moving parts. They need proper lubrication to smoothly run and prevent friction. Friction will produce heat that can wear down engine parts. It is necessary to keep the engine filled with the right grade of clean oil at the recommended level.
  • Removes Dirt and Debris - Engine oil gradually harbors particles which turns to sludge overtime. This can cause clogging and decay of the engine components. In order to maintain your car's engine condition, it requires a clean oil and filter.
  • Increases Gas Efficiency - When your car has poor lubrication, it tends to consume more fuel. However, if you have consistent oil changes you can save as much as a gallon of gas in a year.
  • Extends Vehicle's Life Span - Your engine tends to work double time when its components are not efficiently running. It can cause wear which can develop into major car issues that can decrease its lifespan.

If you care for your car, bring it to a certified mechanic for an oil change based on the recommended mileage stated in your car's manual. Contact Reliable Transmission Service if you are looking for the right team to properly change your engine oil.

Transmission Rebuilds Restore Vehicles to their Original Condition

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 01, 2018
Reliable Transmission - Auto Transmission Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

The transmission system is a complex system. Thus, when it becomes faulty, it affects the overall ability to even drive the vehicle. However, buying a new transmission can be very expensive. However, a transmission rebuild in Rock Hill, SC is a less costly option for restoring the original condition of the vehicle engine and transmission system.

With a transmission rebuild, the entire transmission is dismantled to find the damaged components. Those damaged components are replaced with brand new ones, the reusable components are cleaned, and the transmission is reassembled. It is then put back into the vehicle and test driven. Transmission rebuilds take less time and money than a new transmission.

Indeed, a rebuilt transmission can guarantee less stress and a smooth drive. Like driving a brand new car but paying a lot less. Contact Reliable Transmission Repair to get more information about transmission rebuild process.

Common Signs That Call for Immediate Clutch Replacement or Repair

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Reliable Transmission Repair - Transmission Clutch Repair Service in Rock Hill, SC

Everyone enjoys a smooth drive, when you can shift gears with ease. However, the clutch becomes faulty when it gets worn out. This can notably affect your driving experience if it's not replaced or repaired. When you notice your clutch is showing the following signs, bring it to trusted transmission clutch repair service.

  • Slipping Gear - When the clutch slips out of gear, it indicates wear on the clutch plate lining. This wear hampers the flush interaction with the pressure plate. This can lead to an unsteady grip of the transmission.
  • Stiff Clutch Pedal - When you notice that the clutch is harder to engage and fails to release you vehicle should be brought to a certified transmission mechanic as soon as possible. This could indicate a defect on the shaft or in the linkage connector. But in some cases, defects in the hydraulic seal could also be the culprit of a stiff clutch.
  • Burning Smell - If you notice a burning smell or smoke close to the shifter this could mean an overheating peripheral in the gearbox. This requires immediate action otherwise the condition of other components will be affected as well.

The clutch is a complex system composed of the disc, bearings, pressure plate, flywheel and link connectors. Damage on any of these components can affect the function of your clutch. Bringing the vehicle for transmission clutch repair service in Rock Hill, SC can make it run like new again. Certified mechanics can diagnose whether the clutch can be repaired or if you need replacement. Contact Reliable Transmission Service for clutch replacement or repair.

Faulty Brakes Call For an Urgent Brake-Job

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Reliable Transmission Repair - Brake Repair in Rock Hill, SC

A faulty braking system is one of the leading cause of car accidents. When you notice that your brakes may not be working correctly, immediately send the vehicle for brake repair service in Rock Hill, SC. Defective braking systems require urgent attention.

The vehicle's braking system is a complex mechanism and critical safety feature. All the components must be properly inspected for damages and necessary repairs must be made right away to prevent further damage. Only certified mechanics can properly diagnose technical glitches under the hood. Find the best place for brake service so proper repairs can be made and potential hidden brake issues can be detected as well.

A minor brake issue can get worse overtime. It's practical to get it checked right away to avoid more expensive repairs. More importantly, safety is your top priority so make sure you bring your car for regular maintenance to identify problems early. Contact Reliable Transmission Service for thorough car inspection and quality brake-job.

Regular Transmission Maintenance Can Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Reliable Transmission - rebuilt transmission in Rock Hill, SC

Vehicles that are constantly out in the road should have a regular transmission maintenance. Smart owners keep their vehicles in top shape for traveling especially when using it for long drives. Smart owners do not want to leave themselves and their families stuck on the roadside due to inattention to manufacturer recommended maintenance.

Making a habit to bring your vehicle for its scheduled maintenance contribute immensely to increasing your vehicles’ longevity. Have your trusted transmission repair shop in Rock Hill, SC perform the inspection and maintenance actions to keep small issues from becoming large issues. If you leave minor issues unresolved, it is simply a matter of time before that high dollar repair surprise arrives at your door.

If you want to extend the life of your vehicle for a long serving years, always trust a certified transmission mechanic to execute scheduled maintenance. By now everyone should know that it's better to spend a little on regular maintenance than to spend greatly later. Contact Reliable Transmission Service for thorough transmission inspection and maintenance if and when required.

Transmission Rebuilds Offer Affordable Solutions for Getting Your Car Back to Top Condition

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 04, 2018
Reliable Transmission Repair - Reliable Transmission Service & Auto Repair Service in Rock Hill, SC

When your older car is in need of a new transmission, owners have a decision to make: purchase a new transmission system, buy a new vehicle, or rebuild the existing transmission. The price can be pretty steep for purchasing a brand new transmission in addition to the charges for labor.

Fortunately, there's another alternative to getting your transmission system back to its original condition which is far less expensive than the other two options. Transmission Rebuild in Rock Hill, SC is often the best solution to getting your car running like new again. In this process, the old transmission is disassembled and cleaned. Only the damaged components are replaced with new, authentic parts. After the transmission is re-assembled, it is then re-installed. For far less, your car will be on the road again.

A Transmission rebuild spares consumers from the pain of purchasing a brand new transmission or from buying a new vehicle. Your transmission components are guaranteed to operate optimally and in some cases, they may exceed the performance of your original transmission system. Contact Reliable Transmission Services to find out more about rebuilding the transmission.

An Overheating Transmission Calls For A Visit To A Transmission Repair Shop

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Reliable Transmission Repair - Auto Oil Change Service in Rock Hill, SC

Overheating is a big problem for an automatic transmission. As a matter of fact, most transmission issues are a result of overheating. If you notice that your car is letting off a burning smell, bring it immediately to a trusted transmission repair shop.

Any factor that can cause low fluid level in the transmission will result in dangerous wear and tear of the entire unit. When the transmission components are worn out, your transmission will run hot, and eventually fail. Dirty fluid is another culprit for an overheating transmission. It indicates that it is time to clean the filters and replace the old transmission fluids. It's necessary to hire a transmission specialist for this job.

Your car's transmission is a complex unit. It is highly recommended that you seek the help of a certified transmission mechanic. Only transmission mechanics can correctly diagnose your car's problem and give the right fix to it. Looking for a certified transmission experts, contact Reliable Transmission Service.

Reliable Transmission Service for Quality Auto Maintenance and Repairs

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Reliable Transmission Service and Auto Repair - Rock Hill, SC

Car maintenance and repairs can be costly. No wonder many owners put off regular maintenance. However, minor problems can become larger when ignored. There are unforeseen transmission issues that only an experienced transmission specialist can detect and address.

Transmission issues take various forms and since it is a complex system, a meticulous inspection is integral to ensure that there are no issues that are left unresolved. When you bring in your car to a transmission repair shop in Rock Hill, SC, your mechanic will check the entire vehicle to determine all potential problems. The entire system should be regularly maintained and inspected to ensure that the vehicle run efficiently for the long term.

Your vehicle is an expensive asset. It should be diagnosed properly to get the the right and reliable repairs. It is very important to bring your vehicle to a trusted, reputable, and reliable auto repair shop to make sure repairs are done right. Contact Reliable Transmission Service for quality transmission service and auto repairs.

Transmission Fluid Leaks Call for Immediate Action

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Reliable Transmission Service - Rock Hill, SC

When your car is dripping fluid, it could mean there is a leak in your transmission. A vehicle's transmission fluid is contained and sealed within the engine, but when a leak happens, make sure to send your vehicle in for a check-up to a certified transmission mechanic.

Transmission fluid leaks are actually just a minor issue. However, if you neglect the problem, it can further progress into more costly damage. It could be a lacerated transmission pan, a broken transmission line, a fissure in the pan gasket, or a faulty torque converter that is causing the leak, all need to be repaired immediately to prevent further damage. These repairs require a transmission specialist to properly diagnose the problem and fix the issue.

An initial small crevice in your transmission unit can turn into a bigger issue. Continuous leaking must be addressed as soon as possible because it can affect the entire transmission system as well as your engine. If you notice a drip, bring your vehicle to a transmission repair shop in Rock Hill, SC immediately. Contact Reliable Transmission Service for a thorough inspection and an immediate repair.